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PCI Geomatics wins award for business development

Ontario, Canada: PCI Geomatics received 2010 Mayor’s Award for Business Achievement by Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce. Dave Barrow, Mayor of the Town of Richmond Hill, Canada, nominated PCI Geomatics for the 2010 award following a trip to China, where he had the opportunity to work first hand with the PCI China team members.

PCI Geomatics has been very successful in China, implementing its image processing software solutions for commercial and government clients who need to work with Earth Observation imagery collected by National and commercial satellite sensors. These satellites collect images of the earth, which are used by scientists and operational end users who derive information for applications such as agriculture, disaster management, and natural resource management.

In a press statement, PCI Geomatics mentioned that the company began implementing a BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) strategy several years ago – to position its products and offerings in the world’s most prominent emerging economies. The company’s efforts to develop business in China as well as other growing economies is of strategic importance for the success of the company as it continues to spread awareness and to gain insight into emerging trends and requirements of various world markets.

Source: PCI Geomatics