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PCI Geomatics signs language agreement with University of Alcal

PCI Geomatics has announced that they have signed a new agreement with the University of Alcalá, Spain. In this agreement, PCI Geomatics will provide software services for the university’s existing PCI Geomatics software licenses in return for the university’s assistance with improvements to language support for the Geomatica Focus interface. This extends into the translation of related documentation manuals into Spanish.

Professor Emilio Chuvieco, renowned for his contributions to remote sensing and international scientific committee work on environment issues, forestry, and forest fire research, is encouraged by this agreement. “Improving the language support of this leading geomatics software is of clear benefit to our needs and to those of the scientific world. PCI Geomatics software is contributing to our research and we look forward to sharing our technical and development viewpoints with PCI Geomatics.” Dr. Chuvieco is a Professor of Geography at the University of Alcalá, currently the only department in Spain offering a Ph.D. program on Remote Sensing and GIS. The University of Alcalá Department of Mathematics is also participating within this agreement, assisting with key photogrammetric aspects.

In addition to language support and translation assistance, the University of Alcalá will also host an annual users group meeting for Spanish speaking PCI Geomatics software users. “The cooperation of Dr. Chuvieco and the University of Alcalá is a great vote of support for our steps to expand product development for the Spanish-speaking world.” states Richard Selby, PCI Geomatics Reseller Manager for Europe. Equally enthusiastic is John Roos, Reseller Manager for PCI Geomatics in Latin America and the Caribbean.