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PCI Geomatics releases latest version of Geomatica 9

PCI Geomatics has announced the newest release of Geomatica 9, Version 9.1.7. Geomatica is PCI Geomatics’ flagship image-centric geospatial software solution capable of handling both large- and small-scale geomatics projects. This update offers significant enhancements to Geomatica’s renowned orthorectification and mosaicking capabilities. New features include an improved accuracy of PCI Geomatics’ Rational Functions (RPC) modeling for multiple-image blocks.

Features added to support improved accuracy are user-specified polynomial adjustment orders for ground control and support for three dimensional tie points in RPC modeling projects. These changes were made in cooperation with DigitalGlobe, for improved support of QuickBird products containing RPCs. Enhanced automatic mosaicking capabilities. Improvements include the ability to ignore significant water and cloud features in color balancing, and the enabling of user-specified match files and histogram trimming. Toutin’s Rigorous Model support for the IRS-P6 (RESOURCESAT-1), the latest of the Indian Remote Sensing series of satellites.