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PCI Geomatics releases GXL aerial v2.1

Ontario, Canada: PCI Geomatics released GeoImaging Accelerator Aerial (GXL-Aerial) version 2.1. The company claimed that it is a high-speed, high-volume multi CPU/GPU distributed processing software for aerial workflows.

Following feedback from its user base, PCI has made numerous improvements to the GXL including increases in accuracy and speed, advanced automation, and an enhanced user experience. GXL Aerial v2.1 also adds support for the DMC camera format providing wider usability and flexibility.

Through a press statement, David Piekny, Product manager, PCI Geomatics stated, “Version 2.1 of the GXL represents a significant step forward for the processing of high volumes of imagery. The focus of this update is in creating more accurate, better quality output that requires less editing, as well as some useful new jobs for increased automation.”

GXL Aerial v2.1 allows users to orthorectify and mosaic thousands of aerial images per day through the power of distributed processing that leverages multi-core CPUs and GPUs. This technology results in significantly increased throughput, lower production costs, and reduced reliance on outsourcing.

GXL Aerial was developed by PCI Geomatics and introduced to the marketplace in October 2010, providing support for Microsoft UltraCam’s digital frame camera series. Since that time, PCI has been adding new features and new sensor compatibility to GXL aerial; allowing even more users to take advantage of the technology.

Source: PCI Geomatics