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PCI Geomatics releases GeoImaging Tools for ArcGIS

Ontario, Canada: PCI Geomatics released GeoImaging Tools for ArcGIS.  Offering accurate and highly automated tools for correcting raw satellite imagery, GeoImaging Tools is integrating remotely sensed imagery into GIS workflows. With the GeoImaging Tools Image Correction Module, ArcGIS users will now be able to access 70+ commercial optical, radar and aerial sensors in their GIS workflows.

Users will have the option of using sensor model information to perform registrations, optionally with automatic GCPs and tie points from reference data such as chip databases, reference mosaics, or vectors. Higher levels of registration accuracy are achievable via block bundle adjustments. Users also have the option of saving the correction parameters into the ArcGIS Raster Processing Definition (RPDef) format for direct use with the ArcGIS Server Image Extension for on-the-fly processing reducing data duplication.

With a sharp increase in data volume and collection platforms in recent years, accurate registration of large complex datasets remains a challenge. PCI’s GeoImaging makes possible for GIS users to achieve critical tasks such as feature extraction and change detection.

Terry Moloney, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, PCI Geomatics, said, “With access to many unsupported sensors and data formats, along with the ability to create more spatially accurate imagery, GeoImaging Tools is opening up new doors for GIS users.  With automatic GCP collection and block bundle adjustments, GeoImaging Tools will eliminate time consuming manual tasks and help GIS users more easily integrate imagery into their workflows.”   

Peter Becker, ESRI Product Manager – Imagery said, “PCI’s GeoImaging Tools significantly increases the range of commercial satellite images that our users can now use with ArcGIS and enables them to quickly refine the georeferencing accuracy for location critical applications.”

Source: PCI Geomatics