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PCI Geomatics highlights key features in Geomatica 10

PCI Geomatics recently announced additional information concerning the features in Geomatica 10, the latest version of the company’s geospatial software. Released for sale in November 2005, Geomatica 10 will be shipped early in January, 2006. Among the extensive list of new features, the software has enhanced support of the Oracle 10g database technology, ortho-mosaic workflow automation, and improved hyperspectral capabilities. With the capability to extract, transform, and load geospatial data in Oracle 10g, Geomatica allows users to visualize and analyze large amounts of complex data faster and easier than before. All of the functionality of Geomatica can now be leveraged, not only by traditional users, but also by enterprises that require geospatial information.
Increased productivity is another theme of the Geomatica 10 release. Ortho-mosaic processing tasks, for which OrthoEngine is known, can now be scripted, customized, and run in batch processes to maximize efficiency. New model based atmospheric correction for hyperspectral imagery has also been developed and provides a more rigorous alternative to simple atmospheric correction. The model incorporates the MODTRAN4 radiative transfer model, developed by the US Department of the Air Force, and is augmented by programs that detect and correct spectral line curvature, as well as perform atmospheric water vapour content mapping.