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PCI Geomatics formalizes customisation services initiative

After years of privately providing customization services to meet the scientific and productivity requirements of specific clients, PCI Geomatics is now promoting a more formalized customisation service to the geomatics market. PCI Geomatics is announcing this initiative during their 20th anniversary year to help businesses benefit from a customized, streamlined production solution built on PCI Geomatics’ core strengths of remote sensing, photogrammetry, cartography, and spatial analysis.

Creating customized solutions based on the dynamic software interface and algorithm foundation of Geomatica will allow PCI Geomatics to offer integrated, tailored geomatics software to a diversified range of clients with unique requirements to enhance their productivity.

Successful custom application examples can be found on the PCI Geomatics web site, including advanced solutions for agriculture monitoring, coastal-zone management, and automated production systems for geocoding imagery, creating image based composites and information products, and making image mosaics. All are based on current and reliable PCI Geomatics software technology platforms, which include the best algorithms in the remote sensing industry.