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PCI Geomatics celebrates reseller week

September 19, 2002: During the week of August 12th, 2002, PCI Geomatics representatives gathered from around the world in downtown Ottawa, Canada, for the largest annual PCI Geomatics reseller meeting in company history. International PCI Geomatics resellers met with PCI Geomatics regional sales managers, software developers, trainers, executives, and customer support staff, as well as PCI Geomatics software business partners for a full week of meetings, demonstrations, and discussions. Representatives from the United States, Canada, Latin America, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, including team members from as far away as China and India, came to share their latest visions and viewpoints on the rapidly evolving geomatics market. Agenda items included discussions of new product developments, new market demands and directions, and how to remain in front of diversified yet expanding global geospatial software needs.

Positive feedback for rapidly approaching product releases such as Geomatica(tm) Version 9.0 and other business areas such as the company’s new customization services was extended to PCI Geomatics as well as to the works of their newest business relationships with third party software vendors, including SupreSoft of China.