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PCI Geomatics announces new distributor in Indonesia

Ontario, Canada: PCI Geomatics announced that PT Barrata is now an official distributor of PCI products for customers in Indonesia. Located in Bandung, Indonesia, PT Barrata’s staff is focused on remote sensing and GIS related business. PT Barrata will promote PCI Geomatics technologies including Geomatica and GeoImaging Tools software to customers throughout the country.

“Barrata has a background of working with Geomatica, and we feel that it is more powerful and user friendly than any other system available,” said Gelar Nugraha, President, PT Barrata. Anne Skinner, Global Channel Manager at PCI Geomatics, said, “We look forward to having PT Barrata as our distributor in Indonesia for they will bring their experience to PCI users in this part of the world.”

Source: PCI Geomatics