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PCI Geomatics and Bae Systems software agreement for Canadian distribution

PCI Geomatics(r) and BAE SYSTEMS have announced a new agreement that provides PCI Geomatics with exclusive distributor rights for SOCET SET digital photogrammetry software in Canada. PCI Geomatics has also been provided with the exclusive rights to promote related SOCET SET services, including support and training, to Canadian customers. “SOCET SET”, (SoftCopy Exploitation Tool Set) is BAE SYSTEMS’ premier photogrammetric software for digital mapping, GIS and three-dimensional (3D) visualization or simulation applications. Built upon the foundation of its Helava heritage, SOCET SET provides the capability to generate very accurate, highly detailed geospatial data to support military requirements, intelligence needs, homeland security, and a wide range of civil applications, such as commercial mapping, urban planning and development, and the development of city, state/province, or federal GIS information.

PCI Geomatics and BAE SYSTEMS have enjoyed a productive and cooperative development history together. In 1996, both companies signed technology agreements to share resources in an effort to help improve SOCET SET import/export format support and to help port SOCET SET technology over to PC platforms. This agreement also enabled PCI Geomatics to incorporate enhanced photogrammetric functionality in its product, APEX. APEX, now discontinued, was initially offered as special photogrammetry solution along side PCI Geomatics’ own innovative and popular digital photogrammetry solution, OrthoEngine(r).