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PCI Geomatic, Northeastern University form educational alliance

Ontario, Canada: PCI Geomatics, a leading developer of geoimaging software and systems, signed an Education Alliance agreement with Northeastern University (NEU) in Boston. Under the agreement, PCI Geomatics will provide software licenses to support teaching and research activities in exchange for insights into the work being conducted at the University with PCI Geomatics software.

The programme fosters communication between the University and PCI scientists, and provides an outlet to the commercial world, highlighting the work conducted at the University using PCI Geomatics software.

Brad Schmidt, VP of Sales and Marketing at PCI Geomatics said, “PCI greatly values the contributions of Universities and other educational institutions to advance our collective knowledge of remote sensing science and applications. The purpose of the Education Alliance Program is to support the education sector, which acts as a beacon for teaching, research, and innovation.”

Dr. Cordula Robinson, Academic Specialist in the College of Professional Studies (CPS) at Northeastern University stated, “Geomatica is an excellent teaching aid in conveying the fundamentals of Remote Sensing and Digital Image Processing to our Graduate students. In addition, it offers excellent tools for customization that are leveraged for research in directed studies. We have a wide variety of students using this technology through our online course offerings.”

Source: PCI Geomatics