PBBI to support Birmingham’s Highways Infrastructure

PBBI to support Birmingham’s Highways Infrastructure


Berkshire, UK: Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI) has announced that Amey has chosen PBBI’s highways asset management system ‘Confirm’ to support the 25 year, GBP 2.7 billion Birmingham Highways PFI. PBBI’s initial three year contract is worth GBP 1.1 million, with an option to extend two further years.

‘Confirm’ is a modular software solution for the maintenance and management of public infrastructure assets and services including highways, lights, structures, street works, property maintenance, grounds, trees, cleansing and waste. The system can be used by the asset steward organisations, service providers, partners, mobile workers and stakeholders in the value chain.

The PFI partnership between Amey and Birmingham City Council is the UK’s largest in the local government highways sector, and is responsible for 2,500km of the city’s road network, 100,000 street lights and over 850 highway bridges, structures and tunnels.

As well as helping Amey to manage and maintain the city’s highways, bridges & structures, street lights and trees via a centralised system and database, Confirm will make it easier for members of the public to report any faults or issues with the municipal environment and for Amey to expedite an appropriate response.  

Confirm will also help Amey to meet the requirements of legislation such as the TMA, New Roads & Street Works and UKPMS by systematically increasing its visibility of the Birmingham network. The PBBI team has worked closely with Amey to deliver a scalable on-demand solution.

Source: realWire