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PBBI introduces location-based data-as-a-service offering

UK: Pitney Bowes Business Insight (PBBI) introduced Geosk Platform, the geospatial industry’s first location-based Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) offering. The Geosk Platform boasts a comprehensive geospatial data catalogue and delivers it via an easy-to-use, cloud-based portal that lets customers pay as they go. It immediately allows users to access and integrate the current geospatial data into business analyses, location-based marketing programmes and risk management calculations.

The Geosk is a one-stop shop for geospatial data on demand. It helps organisations acquire, serve and grow customer relationships by making it easy to source, access, buy, use and manage location-based data. It provides access to a comprehensive data catalogue that includes both free and fee-based geospatial data from PBBI as well as content from third-party data providers such as Ordnance Survey and TomTom. The new content management service, Geosk Library, also enables enterprise organisations to store, share and manage geospatial data from a cloud-based content library.
“As the industry’s largest geospatial data resource, Geosk will revolutionise the way organisations search for, access, share, manage and use location-based data worldwide,” said Scott Robinson, Director, Global Data Products at PBBI. “Location-based data is constantly changing and being updated, making it critical for organisations to capitalise on this information as swiftly as possible in order to remain competitive. The Geosk Platform enables organisations in financial services, public sector, insurance, retail and telecommunications to instantly access the specific data they need at significantly reduced cost in order to perform more effective business analysis, location-based marketing, risk management and more.”
The new platform supports leading GIS mapping and analysis applications, including MapInfo Professional and MapInfo Stratus, as well as applications from other GIS vendors. It also integrates with CRM systems, allowing PBBI customers to benefit from combining location intelligence with other information on their own customers in order to obtain deeper insights that improve business performance and provide a competitive advantage.
The Geosk Marketplace will initially be available to MapInfo Professional v10.5 customers. They will be able to search and access data online directly through the catalogue browser icon included in the MapInfo Professional v10.5 toolbar. To deliver the Geosk Platform, PBBI is partnering with WeoGeo.
Source: PBBI