PB Group 1 Software adds e-Messaging solution to CCM Suite

PB Group 1 Software adds e-Messaging solution to CCM Suite


Lanham, USA, December 05, 2007: Group 1 Software, Inc., a Pitney Bowes Company introduced a new e-Messaging solution for creating and managing automated and customized email and short message service (SMS) customer communications, centrally from within Group 1’s Customer Communication Management (CCM) suite.

With Group 1 Software’s e-Messaging solution, businesses can create automated email and SMS marketing campaigns, including personalized information, embedded images, and attachments. The solution includes the ability to manage message delivery status notifications and provides graphical reporting of messages sent, delivery failures, responses, and other data for assessing campaign effectiveness. Finally, the solution archives all communications – print and electronic – enabling a comprehensive view of customer contacts for improved customer service, more efficient call center operations, and regulatory compliance.

“Group 1 Software’s new e-Messaging solution enables businesses to use email and SMS technology as a true two-way, managed communications channel,” said Alan Slater, vice president and general manager of CCM for Group 1 Software. “This solution eliminates the need for outsourcing email marketing campaigns, turns call centers into multi-channel customer contact centers, and improves control of the customer communication process.”

“With the addition of the new e-Messaging solution, Group 1 Software’s CCM suite now gives users the power to create and control all the information that customers receive from their organization, from hard copy mailings, to regular email marketing campaigns, to SMS communications for portable devices,” said Slater.