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PAYGIS promotes GIS at school level in South Africa

Daveyton, South Africa: Proactive Afri Youth Geographic Information Systems (PAYGIS), a non profit organisation, organised the 1st Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Debate and Presentation at Hulwazi High school in Daveyton, South Africa. Other participants were Lesiba High School and Hulwazi High School. PAYGIS aims to expand the horizons of the geospatial Industry through GIS education, campaigns and awareness programmes. Lesiba High School won the first prize and Hulwazi claimed the 2nd prize.
Topics discussed during the event include: – Combating Crime through GIS (How can Crime be prevented through GIS?).- How can GIS help in Keeping the city of Ekurhuleni clean (Waste Management, Environmental Management, Air Quality, Environmental Policy Making)?- How can a Business Banking Company expand its profit margins through GIS Tools?
According to the organisation’s press statement, PAYGIS aims to reshape the face of Africa through geospatial awareness and education. Its core objectives include: – To be Africa’s continental platform of learning and acquiring knowledge about GIS technologies.- To engage learners and deepen the knowledge of GIS technologies through awareness, debates, presentations, campaigns and education.- To address key issues such as HIV/AIDS(Health),poverty alleviation, climate change, natural resource , environmental management, education, agriculture(food security),biodiversity, population census,landuse,air pollution  and crime through geospatial technologies. 
Source: PAYGIS