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Patented concept at the 34th Space Symposium to initiate a new paradigm in near-Earth space control

Patented concept titled, “Inclination Zero – Opportunities Unlimited” will be presented at the symposium

US: Two months from now, at the 34th Space Symposium, the global space community will come to know about an influential discovery that may soon initiate a new paradigm for near-Earth space control.

On April 18th, in the International Center, South at the Broadmoor Hotel, Dr. Marshall Kaplan, Co-Founder and CTO of Launchspace Technologies Corporation will present his patented concept entitled, “Inclination Zero – Opportunities Unlimited.” Here is a brief abstract of the presentation.

The discovery of a cost-effective and viable approach to the removal of dangerous low-earth-orbiting (LEO) debris has led to several new and related concepts for significantly and permanently improving and protecting the near-Earth space environment, enhancing space situational awareness capabilities, protecting commercial and government constellations and increasing the resiliency of space-based national security assets.

This is a fundamental introduction to what may become a new and future space program paradigm. The proposed methods and systems are novel because they are based on a fresh look at the challenge of wholesale removal of the most threatening near-Earth orbiting debris objects.

Most previously suggested solutions have required the use of extremely expensive and complex space systems in order to accomplish the removal of single debris objects.

Loss of access to space is clearly unacceptable. The innovative solution offered by LTC may permanently resolve this issue. Furthermore, the evolution of the proposed debris removal system will offer additional opportunities in support of desired commercial and government applications. Don’t miss this event.