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Patent for Geosemble’s core GIS technology

US: Geosemble Technologies announced that a patent recently issued to the University of Southern California has been assigned to it for its exclusive, worldwide use. The patent, titled “Geospatial Data Fusion,” was originally written and submitted by Geosemble founders Dr. Craig Knoblock and Dr. Cyrus Shahabi while working on behalf of the University of Southern California in 2004. Geosemble was formed that year to commercialise this technology, as well as additional technology the company has subsequently developed.

This patent will gives Geosemble exclusive rights to GIS technology that takes multiple road, street and other linear data and automatically integrates them into aerial imagery. Speaking on the recently issued patent, co-inventor Dr. Craig Knoblock, said, “Among the invention’s innovative steps is map-imagery conflation that utilises common vector datasets as glue to automatically integrate street maps with imagery. This approach provides automatic, accurate and intelligent images that combine the visual appeal and accuracy of imagery with the detailed attribution information contained in diverse maps.”

Source: News Wire