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Partnership agreement for Leica SmartNet Greece

Heerbrugg, Switzerland: Leica Geosystems and its distribution partner Metrica, has signed a Leica SmartNet Greece partnership agreement. Locally the network will maintain the name MetricaNet, as part of Leica SmartNet Europe, due to the long standing marketing of MetricaNet in Greece.

The agreement forms a new partnership to establish a joint venture of MetricaNet and Leica SmartNet Europe. Within this partnership agreement, Metrica will operate the network infrastructure locally, using their existing sites, while Leica Geosystems will provide the latest GNSS network software technology at their European web farm, in the form of Leica GNSS Spider, SpiderWeb, and SpiderQC. Additionally, during 2011 both Metrica and Leica Geosystems will invest in extra sites to provide full GNSS Network RTK coverage in Greece by the end of 2011.

Flexible Network RTK subscriptions will be available for all types of applications, offering users the benefit of a full GNSS network RTK service, using signals from GPS, GLONASS and the future GALILEO and COMPASS systems.

Web services powered by Leica SpiderWeb, Leica SpiderQC and Leica Geo Office, will include Network QC graphs, RINEX downloads and a computation service. Users can also update their profiles or order new subscriptions on-line, via the SmartNet Business Centre.

“It is to the credit of our partner Metrica that at a time where Greece is gripped more than any other country by a deep economic crisis, they still see this as an opportunity to invest in a GNSS network that will provide extra services to their customers. The net result for users will be the cost savings in terms of productivity and increased satellite availability for their GNSS equipment” said Mark Burbidge, SmartNet Europe Project Manager for Leica Geosystems.

“MetricaNet as part of Leica SmartNet Europe will bring to the Greek professionals stability, redundancy and accuracy at costs that are close to every GPS user even if he works only one day per month”, said Errikos Skassis CEO of Metrica S.A.

Source: Leica Geosystems