Home News Innovations Participatory mapping project is launched in the Manguinhos slum in Rio

Participatory mapping project is launched in the Manguinhos slum in Rio

Residents of Manguinhos, in northern Rio de Janeiro, may contribute to the community mapping, sending information about urban facilities such as schools, daycare centers, and cultural attractions; commercial establishments such as bars, restaurants and drugstores; the conditions of urban gardens, squares and streets; and services such as water supply, sewerage, drainage, street lighting and street cleaning.

The contribution will be made through an application on the Internet, which contains the city map, on which residents feed information. The Participatory Mapping of Rio de Janeiro City pilot project was launched on August 19 at the Manguinhos Reference Center, but the expectation is to bring it to all the pacified communities of Rio until 2016.

The secretary of the Community Council of Manguinhos, Jorge Luís da Silva Costa, explains that the council itself was already doing this mapping for about two and a half years, and asked the Pereira Passos Institute – municipal agency for urbanism – and the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation to develop an online platform to enter the information. According to him, the project is important to the residents by allowing to “resignify the territory.”

“The slum territory usually tends to be related to violence, crime, drug trafficking. From the mapping we believe that, showing what we have for the city of Rio de Janeiro, we can help change these signs and significances of the territory in the context of the city and show all the positive initiatives in this area”, he said.

He also highlights the leading role of the local residents in the process, which will result in a community guide, and also make a diagnosis of the territory, since the design allows the inclusion of information about the site conditions.

The application was made available to the Community Council of Manguinhos, which will distribute it to residents.

Source: Agência Brasil