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PARSEC strengthens EO Enterprises

PARSEC business accelerator has selected as many as 100 SMEs in the EO field for financial and technical support. Of them, 10 will receive the “grand prize”. The support includes enabling multi-Petabyte PARSEC datacube platform that was introduced to the SMEs recently.

Improving the strength of Big EO data needs proper handling of , velocity, variety, volume veracity of multimodal EO data. For SMEs to enter EO market need experts top-skilled in IT and remote sensing, which shifts focus of precious resources from the core business? Because of this, SMEs find it tough to gain ground in the market.

It is here that PARSEC plays an important role. This project will support SMEs in addressing challenges with the help of business development support, financial support, and EO datacube service.

PARSEC’s Big Data toolbox is supported by by rasdaman, the datacube analytics engine. With its capabilities, several DIASs as well as a series specialized data centers are integrated into one common information space that is available to all PARSEC supported SMEs. PARSEC has currently available more than 7 Petabyte of Sentinel datacubes on Mundi alone which grow everyday.