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ParliaMap greets UK Parliament

UK: Dotted Eyes published a new way of charting the nation’s political landscape, ParliaMap. It is a free OpenData product for the GIS community, portraying the make up of the House of Commons today – the first day of the new Parliament.

The constituency of each Member of Parliament (MP) is represented as a hexagonal cell in a standard size, regardless of its true geographical extent. The arrangement of cells closely resembles the shape of the United Kingdom, making it obvious who has been elected in which part of the country. To emphasise those relationships, ParliaMap is supplied in the British National Grid coordinate system, though of course the geometry is deliberately distorted by using the same cell size for every MP.

“This style of presentation has previously been used in the media and online, but had never been available to GIS professionals. Many users need to produce this form of map and analysis so Dotted Eyes is offering ParliaMap free of charge as part of its OpenData policy”, said Jamie Justham, Dotted Eyes Chairman.

Dotted Eyes data products offer a rich set of value added attributes, and in ParliaMap these include constituency name, constituency code, MP name, party, votes, percent majority and the percentage swing between the parties in each seat.

ParliaMap is available for download free of charge from Dotted Eyes’ ParliaMap page.

Source: Dotted Eyes