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Paradigm Advanced Technologies moves to penetrate Japanese markets

Eduardo Guendelman, President and C.E.O. of Paradigm Advanced Technologies, Inc., has confirmed that Triangle Technologies Limited has been appointed to be a business development and marketing advisor for the company to advance Paradigm’s products, technology and patent to the Japanese market.

In particular, Triangle Technologies will promote Destinator(TM) navigation units to Japanese personal digital assistant (PDA), smart handheld device (SHD) and smart phone manufacturers. Triangle Technologies will also seek partners and licensees for the patent (for which Paradigm owns the worldwide licensing rights), among Japanese cellular phone manufacturers which manufacture cellular phones equipped with GPS capability utilizing the patented technology and process in order to comply with the FCC E911 mandate in the United States.

“Following the enthusiastic acceptance of our award winning Destinator(TM) navigation system in North America and Europe, and the recent decision by cellular operators in North America to equip cell phones with GPS in order to comply with the E911 initiative, we have received strong signs of interest from Japanese original equipment manufacturers and telecommunication companies. We were looking for the best company to facilitate our quick penetration into the Japanese market. We are delighted that Triangle Technologies has agreed to work with us to promote our technologies and products in that country,” said Eduardo Guendelman.

Triangle Technologies, with its office in Tokyo and close relations with major Japanese corporations throughout Japan has facilitated more than 70 agreements for other international companies in the Japanese market. Under the terms of the contract with Paradigm, Triangle Technologies is committed to introducing Paradigm products to major Japanese electronic manufacturers.