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Paradigm Advanced Technologies’ Destinator division signs Technology Licensing Agreement in Brazil

Ron Yekutiel, General Manager of Paradigm Advanced Technologies, Inc.’s Destinator division, confirmed that a manufacturing licensing and distribution agreement had been signed with MapLink Informatica Ltda in Brazil.

According to the contract, MapLink serves as a licensed manufacturer and exclusive distributor of Paradigm’s new co-branded navigation product for the Brazilian market, the ‘MapLink Destinator(TM) Navigation System’. The product, which is already fully developed, utilizes navigable map data provided by MapLink and offers the complete Destinator(TM) functionality, feel and look. The parties intend to first introduce the product in the Sao Paulo area, the world’s fifth largest metropolitan area, and thereafter roll it out to the rest of Brazil – South America’s largest country.

The MapLink Destinator(TM) product was recently unveiled on May 21st during the Sao Paulo ‘GeoBrasil’ GIS Business, and was enthusiastically received by the public, media and business community. The commercial launch of the product is scheduled for June 24th.

Guilherme Gomide, the CEO and President of MapLink, concurred, “The potential market for the MapLink Destinator(TM) in Sao Paulo and in other Brazilian cities is huge. Through partnering with Destinator, MapLink is able to offer the first turn-by-turn navigation system to the rapidly growing Brazilian marketplace. The fact that the MapLink Destinator(TM) is fully compatible with the other worldwide Destinator(TM) products enables its users to also enjoy the product outside of Brazil and increases its attractiveness even more. Alongside with the launch of the retail MapLink Destinator(TM) product, the Destinator SDK will also be made available to Brazilian location based application developers and service providers. The MapLink Destinator(TM) has already attracted the interest of several large business accounts interested in customization and sublicensing the product,” concluded Guilherme Gomide.