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‘Panchayat’ using GPS-based attendance system in India

India: Patan District Panchayat (the lowest administrative units in India) in Gujarat, India, has come up with ‘Present please project’. The project aims to keep 1038 district employees connected and ensure their timely presence at job place.
Under this project, every employee will be given one number. When employees reach the place of their work, they will have to SMS the District Panchayat. This will be an SMS based attendance verification system powered by GPS, so it can show the location of the officer. The cost of this will be INR 50 per officer.
If the person is late or has not messaged then it will be considered absence and if the employee is absent 3 times in a row than the direct report of this goes to his senior. Officials stated that this will decrease the irresponsible attitude of the employees. It will speed up the work of the district panchayat and connect people with the government in better way.
Source: deshgujarat.com