Panama: Creating a Center of Excellence in GIS

Panama: Creating a Center of Excellence in GIS


Esri pledged to work with the National Authority for Government Innovation (AIG) to create a Center of Excellence in Geographic Information Systems (CESIG). “Commitment is given by a second Memorandum of Understanding signed between the parties, after the first success in a similar memorandum, which managed the development and implementation of National Geographic Information System called GEORED”, said Manuel Quintero, AIG specialist.

The main objective of the Centre will provide support and technical leadership to facilitate innovation in the use of geographic information technologies in government institutions. The Center will have trained staff to promote the use and application of these technologies so as to provide support for decision-making and ensure the development of citizen-oriented applications.

It will also define a plan for training and technology transfer to enable AIG to meet the core mission of this innovative Center, whose location will be at the City of Knowledge; a key location for research and development of new technologies.

Source: GSDI/Autoridad Nacional para la Innovación Gubernamental