Pampanga GIS project to increase property revenues

Pampanga GIS project to increase property revenues


Philippines: Pampanga GIS project in Philippines was aboveboard, conceived for the benefit of the people of Pampanga and designed to increase real property revenues of the province, according to Alberto Morales, President, Geodata Solutions, a systems provider for the project.

In compliance with the build-transfer-operate (BTO) contract between the provincial government of Pampanga and Geodata Solutions, company president said, “We have delivered state-of-the-art hardware, software and GIS application systems and (these were) properly accepted and documented.”

“Trainings and change management activities were (videotaped) and formed part of our project documentation. These are available for anyone to see,” he added.

The project was to computerise the real property system of the province through a unified system with those of the municipalities and link this to the digital parcel map that was created by Geodata. It also involved computerising the operations at the provincial capitol.

“Geodata strongly believes that the use of the computerised GIS-based, revenue-generating systems will benefit the entire province of Pampanga in increasing its revenues from real property,” he said.