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Pakistan to conduct GIS-based survey of flood areas

Lahore, Pakistan: Mujahid Sherdil, Director General (DG), Provincial Disaster Management Authority (PDMA), Pakistan, announced that the PDMA chalked out a plan to collect required information and statistics to further assess vulnerability of the communities/districts directly exposed to the risk of flooding. “A detailed survey has been planned and all settlements have been marked on the map with the help of GIS,” he said.

Sherdil added that the PDMA would conduct a detailed study of thousands of settlements located within a 10-kilometre radius of major rivers in nine vulnerable districts across Punjab.

The DG noted that the District Disaster Risk Management Coordinators would be responsible for completion of the comprehensive survey. He said that the PDMA would mobilise its team of coordinators across nine districts in Punjab to collect data and information in the villages marked by the GIS team.

He added that the coordinators would be equipped with smartphones to accelerate the data entry process.

“These smartphones would allow direct data entry. They can also be utilised to take geo-tagged pictures of important infrastructure in each village. They would identify important infrastructure in each village to create a database of buildings and structures that can be used to provide shelter or any medical aid to people displaced from other areas,” Sherdil explained.

Along with information of buildings and governmental structures, the coordinators would also collect information on the number of people residing in the settlements, number of persons that might require extra care in case of evacuation, number of households, number of disabled/elderly, and on a variety of other issues such as availability and status of schools, dispensaries, storage houses, police check posts and other facilities, he said.

Source: Daily Times