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Pakistan to build, launch its own satellite

President Pervez Musharraf has given green signal for manufacturing and launching of an advanced satellite by Pakistan indigenously, official sources have said.

According to the sources, the Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (Suparco) has been reorganised and its scientists and technicians given the necessary incentives to make greater contribution to the country’s entry into space on its own. This satellite will play a crucial role in the prosperity and defence of the nation,” the sources said.

Former Suparco chairman Dr Salim Mehmud, when contacted, appreciated the directives of the resident regarding manufacturing and launching of a multi-purpose satellite indigenously. He said that Suparco provided foundation for the country’s missile programme.

Dr Mehmud said that some of the achievements of Suparco are upgrading the Ground Satellite Receiving Station at Rawat. This station would have the capacity to receive high-resolution images from remote sensing satellites. The Suparco has also put into operation the Aerospace Institute. This centre has become functional for imparting postgraduate education in the field of space science and space technology. Besides conducting feasibility studies for remote sensing and communication satellites, the Suparco has made deep studies on development of satellite launch vehicle to launch the proposed satellites into space. Suparco has successfully applied satellite images for survey of natural resources and national developments.