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Pakistan National Maps

East View Cartographic would make available of nationally produced Pakistan topographic maps at the 1:500,000 and 1:1,000,000 scales. They will provide full country coverage at both scales, the one million-scale set is made up of eleven sheets and the 500k set consists of 26 sheets. Production of the maps was done by the Survey of Pakistan during the period from the mid-1960’s through the mid-1990’s. The map sets are originals and complete for the country but the supply is limited. They are multicolor maps with contour lines and heights given in feet and meters. Some of the maps also have hypsometric shading and the projection is international polyconic. They are in English and identify mountain ranges and peaks, cities and towns with population references, pipe and power lines, provincial and district boundaries, hydrographic and bathymetric features, railway lines, telecommunications lines, major roads surfaced and unsurfaced, glaciers, swamp areas, canals, reefs, tidal flows, oil wells and mines, mosques and temples, and other major terrain features. The map sheets include border areas and detail for neighboring countries.

Sheet sizes are approximately 24 in.(61 cm.) x 34 in.(86 cm.). The normal pricing for these map sheets is US$75.00 each and complete country sets are $57.00 per sheet. Also available from East View are a number of political administrative maps produced by the Survey of Pakistan including road maps, mountain maps, city guides, provincial, division, and district maps. In addition to the Survey of Pakistan produced topographic maps, East View also has available complete country coverage of Pakistan at the one million and 500k scales from American and Russian mapping agencies and almost complete country coverage at the American 250k scale. A complete country Russian coverage is also available at the 200k and 100k levels, partial coverage at the 50k scale and some 20 Russian produced Pakistan city plans. Additionally about two-thirds of the country is available from East View Cartographic as a vector dataset. This is the NIMA produced Vector Map Level 1 which is derived from 1:250,000 scale American Joint Operation Graphic Charts (JOG’s). Digital Elevation Model datasets are also available for much of the country, which East View developed from the above-mentioned internationally produced topographic maps. East View also has similar product coverage available for neighboring countries including India, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, China, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and others.