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Pakistan monitors climate change using g-tech

Peshawar, Pakistan: Pakistan Forests Institute (PFI) completed a comprehensive study to determine the climatic change scenarios in Pakistan’s various ecological zones and its impact on forests resources. GIS and remote sensing technology (RST) was used for the mapping exercise. The survey was conducted with an aim to monitor forest cover in all districts of the country.

“It is the first professional attempt to address the emerging issues of climate change and global warming and its overall impact on the environment and weather of the country and region,” official sources in PFI told APP. The results of the study will help designing adaptation and mitigation measures in forestry sector to counterbalance the effects of global warming and climatic change.

To strengthen forestry sector in Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), a study on 3rd Party Evaluation of Management Interventions (PEMI) in forests of AJK has been completed to help its government in planning and devising appropriate strategies for sustainable conservation, protection and development of forests resources.

Facing ever increasing threat of water shortages at national-level, the official said we are working on a project to determine water stress survival range of different tree species and find out most suitable choice for future water deficient scenarios.

For a growing economy and booming construction industry, the official said wood and other forests produces are playing vital role to ameliorate socio-economic condition of poor people. To meet the growing demand of people for wood, PFI is working on a comprehensive plan to exploring ways for better utilisation of available forests produces and particularly, utilisation of low quality woods for valuable forests products and to reduce its wastage vital to protect green gold.

To bolster wildlife sector on modern scientific lines, the official said a study was recently conducted on Falcons and Migratory Cranes and have developed survey reports of Ramsar sites and digitised wildlife status maps of the country.

Source: Pak Observer