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Pakistan launches GIS for salt units

Islamabad, Pakistan: The Pakistan government launched GIS for salt processing units in Islamabad. On this occasion, Mir Changez Jamali, Minister for Science and Technology, said that the government is committed to improve its world health ranking. He hoped that GIS for salt sector would achieve its envisaged objectives.

Dr Baseer Khan Achakzai, DDG Nutrition Wing Ministry of Health, stated that Micronutrient Initiative (MI) has provided its technical and financial support in the development and field implementation of GIS. He said that under the project an easy access to interactive digital map covering all provinces of Pakistan and the AJK has been developed. The baseline data covers the geographic location, contact details and production of adequately iodised salt of 1353 salt processors. It also has information about 168 raw salt sources in Pakistan. He informed that the Health Ministry will ensure that the benefits of the project including field monitoring and analysis of salt iodisation trends are utilised to its full potential.

Dr Asad Hafeez, Federal Director General Health, highlighted the importance of the use of iodised salt in sustainable elimination of Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD) and malnutrition among children and women. He said that mental capability of more than 38 million children can be enhanced if the parents make iodised salt the essential part of their daily diet.

Source: The News