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‘Pakistan facing challenges in dry-land ecosystem’

Islamabad, Pakistan: Pakistan is confronting daunting challenges of land degradation and desertification, especially in dry-land ecosystems, according to Kamran Ali Qureshi, Additional Secretary Environment. He was addressing the inaugural session of two-day national workshop “Role of Geographical Information System & Remote Sensing (GIS & RS) in sustainable land management.”

“The vast spread of dry-lands with great spatial and temporal variation makes it difficult to adopt cost-effective land degradation assessment”, said Qureshi. He further said that rapid and accurate data collection of water resources, rangelands, forest cover and other related variables is a challenging task, adding that use of advanced technology is vital for sustainable land management.

“Role of GIS & RS is very important in managing land and natural resources on sustainable basis for the benefit of present and future generations,” said Kamran, adding that use of the technology would help provide informative and efficient visual tools to the planners and decision makers toake correct decisions.

He said that the technology was making considerable headway in Pakistan and many government departments and research institutions were using geo-informatics technology, however its application in sustainable land management was limited. He further said that with the advent of satellite technology, many developments for efficient and sustainable management of land and natural resources have emerged for enhanced productivity globally.

Source: Business Recorder