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Pakistan captures security data from Indian chopper

Kargil, India: Indian security was breached in the sensitive Siachen Glacier-Aksai Chin-Ladakh-Kargil sector as Pakistan Army downloaded the GPS coordinates of all helipads from the Indian army’s helicopter, Cheetah. The Indian helicopter strayed across the Line of Control (LoC) into Skardu region due to bad weather. However, the Indian Cheetah helicopter along with the crew was allowed to return by Pakistan government.

Top government sources said the incident was being probed at a high level as the GPS data of the helicopter was found wiped out along with nicknames and code signs of all the helipads in the 14 Corps area. The Nemu, Leh-based 14 Corps is responsible for defence of Kargil-Leh, Siachen Glacier and Line of Actual Control (LAC) with Tibet.
“We are treating the incident with utmost concern as coordinates of all helipads in the 14 Corps including Siachen Glacier and LAC are now with Pakistan army with code signs and nicknames,” said a senior official.

Source: Hindustan Times