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Pak president stresses on satellite imaging for monitoring major projects

Pakistan: President Asif Ali Zardari has advised the government to expedite work on satellite imaging and the monitoring of major development and strategic projects for effective implementation and monitoring. He said this during a briefing given to him on the working of the special committee for monitoring developmental projects through satellite imaging.

The president directed that a provision for satellite imaging of the developmental projects in FATA be included in PC-1 proposals in the future for effective implementation and monitoring of various developmental projects undertaken in the Tribal Areas. He also said that the reports of developmental projects should be supported by satellite images so that efficiency and transparency could be ensured.

The meeting was informed that the online Project Monitoring and Evaluation System (PMES) available with the Planning Commission had limited capacity for storage of satellite imagery. Zardari advised the Planning Commission to take up satellite monitoring of strategic infrastructure projects in the country as pilot activity.
He also advised the concerned government departments, including the Planning Commission, the Geological Survey of Pakistan and SUPARCO to pool their resources and coordinate with each other to develop an effective satellite monitoring system.

Source: Daily Times