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PA-MAPPS Elects First Board of Directors

Harrisburg, USA, 02 July 2007: Member firms based in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania met on June 29, adopting by-laws and electing a board of directors for the first state chapter of MAPPS, the national association of private mapping and geospatial firms. The Pennsylvania chapter of MAPPS (PA-MAPPS) will focus on key issues in the state legislature and public policy, as well as strengthen the market, communication and education of geospatial firms in the Keystone State.

The board of directors of PA-MAPPS consists of the following members and positions:

  • President: Ashis Pal, geographIT (Lancaster, PA)
  • Vice President: Michael Shillenn, Photo Science, Inc. (West Chester, PA)
  • Secretary: Frank “Fritz” Weber, L. Robert Kimball & Associates, Inc. (Ebensburg, PA)
  • Treasurer: Bob Hanson, Michael Baker Jr., Inc. (Harrisburg, PA)
  • Director: James Pahel, Land & Mapping Services (Clearfield, PA)

    The new board has already started efforts for programs and meetings of PA-MAPPS member firms to begin in mid-September to discuss public policy issues and meet with members of the Pennsylvania legislature, state agencies and other policy makers and stakeholders regarding geospatial issues.

    MAPPS is currently celebrating its 25th anniversary.