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Overwatch Geospatial upgrades Urban Analyst

STERLING, Va., USA: Overwatch Geospatial Systems, an operating unit of Textron Systems, a Textron Inc. company, announced the release of Urban Analyst, version 4.3, the latest advancement in 3D geospatial analysis software operating within ESRI’s market-leading ArcGIS framework.

Urban Analyst 4.3 provides new features and capabilities supporting 3D analysis. The new release facilitates improved analyst workflow and efficiency through a multi-user collaboration capability, new multi-media applications, and improved data format support. These features provide significant advancements for Department of Defense (DoD) and Department of Homeland Security analysts, or any analyst concerned with civilian security, planning and mitigation.

“Our new version of Urban Analyst provides greater 3D mission support and situational awareness by responding to the increasing adoption of 3D analysis in the GEOINT field.” said Overwatch Geospatial Systems Senior Vice President and General Manager Jim Dolan.

Urban Analyst provides the ability to visualise and evaluate mission environments as they truly exist, in three dimensions. This allows analysts to provide greater visualisation and situational awareness in DoD and civilian operations, such as vulnerabilities, line-of-sight capabilities, distances between assets, building heights, corridors between way points, and terrain evaluations. The 3D content of the system can then be published to enterprise databases or a variety of media such as maps, reports, models, images and video. Urban Analyst is used in military and civilian security applications as well as planning and mitigation applications.