Over three million sq km of India captured by RapidEye

Over three million sq km of India captured by RapidEye


Germany: RapidEye announced that over 95% of India (over three million square kilometres) of its satellite imagery is now available in the RapidEye Library. Much of the country has been collected cloud-free, with the remainder containing less than 10% cloud cover. The campaign began in January, however the majority of the imagery was collected within a period of about eight weeks, said RapidEye.

“We had collected our one billionth square kilometre of imagery last month. Having virtually the entire country of India available is another testimonial to how quickly our system can cover large contiguous areas,” said Wolfgang G. Biedermann, CEO of RapidEye.

In addition to imagery over India, the RapidEye system has completed full coverage campaigns over the United States, Mexico, central Europe, China, Indochina and South Africa. Each of these countries and many more million square kilometres of Earth are available in the RapidEye Library which currently contains over one Billion square kilometres of RapidEye data products.

Source: RapidEye