Otterbox 1900 protects handheld computers in inaccessible areas

Otterbox 1900 protects handheld computers in inaccessible areas


Otter Products, LLC have announced their improved handheld computer case, the OtterBox 1900. Through customer feedback for a smaller more versatile case, Otter Products developed the 1900 which allows users to take their iPaq, Axim, or Palm anywhere without fear of damaging their valuable device.

Independently tested to meet IP-67 and MIL SPEC 810F ratings for ruggedness, the Otterbox 1900 is completely waterproof, dustproof, and drop proof. The new case incorporates a smaller design than the original Armor 3600 without compromising style and quality. Through a replaceable membrane screen, users have the ability to access their handheld through the case. Additional features include an external stylus holder, easy access to sync and charge connections and rubber over-molding for optimum grip.

The OtterBox 1900 fits virtually any handheld on the market and sells for $99.95. It also allows users the option of expanding the case to allow for GPS, barcode scanning, serial syncing, and power, all through the case, without interruption to the functions of the handheld.

“As customers collect data in the field, the Otterbox 1900 allows them to protect not only their technology investment but most importantly valuable data”, Thomas said. “The 1900 provides flexibility in the field enabling use of handheld computers in areas normally considered inaccessible.”