OSIsoft bags Connected World magazine’s IoT Innovations Award

OSIsoft bags Connected World magazine’s IoT Innovations Award


US: Operational intelligence provider OSIsoft has been honoured with the IoT Innovations Award by Connected World magazine for its unique integration of Esri’s ArcGIS platform and OSIsoft’s PI System. The innovation allows OSIsoft to stream sensor-based data directly into ArcGIS geospatial maps. The integration facilitates actionable insights and faster response times through the visualisation of maps and time-series data streaming from sensors and equipment.

“Integrating time and space datasets will improve operational and daily decisions for managing mobile assets with sensors and workforces within the industry. The product offers a best-in-class situational awareness solution where quick, significant decisions need to be made involving geospatially complex scenarios such as dealing with disasters. Additionally, industries that have mobile fleets, extended or distributed asset networks such as gas and water pipelines, or high voltage transmission lines will benefit greatly from innovative views and analysis of their data”.

— Martin Otterson, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Industry at OSIsoft

Source: OSIsoft