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OSi awards data re-engineering contract to 1Spatial

Cambridge, UK: 1Spatial signed a contract with Ordnance Survey Ireland (OSi) to create a seamless, scale independent core database for the integrated management of existing large-scale, small-scale, boundary and address information for Ireland. This database will be the foundation of OSi’s operations for the next two decades, support the delivery of all future vector and cartographic products and services.

The award of this contract follows a series of prototyping projects during which 1Spatial, with partner RMSI, worked closely with OSi to ensure that the defined solution will provide a new data model to support Ireland’s economic regeneration. It will leverage existing data and expertise, ensuring no previous investment is lost, while at the same time enhancing OSi’s product and service offerings to deliver customer’s future needs.

Data currently held in several separate datasets will be assessed in terms of quality and enriched to enable OSi leverage as much value from it as possible. The quality assessment will ensure that the existing data is fit-for-purpose and provide a baseline for data quality improvement going forward. The separate datasets will then be combined into a single, integrated database – PRIME2.

The implementation of the PRIME2 database will enable OSi to improve their operational efficiency and consistently maintain the desired level of data quality by applying an automatic validation process to all data maintenance and update activities. PRIME2 will be used as the basis for all of OSi’s new and enhanced products and services and represents a core element of OSi’s corporate data strategy.

Colin Bray, Chief Technology Officer at OSi said, “This project marks the culmination of a long-term data strategy for OSi to move towards a single, large-scale database that will deliver efficiencies in maintenance, production and service delivery.”

Nic Snape, Chief Executive Officer at 1Spatial added, “The project underlines the importance of leveraging new technology alongside the need to maintain valuable, existing data and knowledge.”

Source: 1Spatial