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OSGeo’s incubation open for geomajas

Canada: The OSGeo Board has approved the application of the geomajas project to enter the incubation process. Incubation is a stepping stone to becoming a full fledged OSGeo project. Geomajas is a free and open source GIS framework for building rich Internet applications. It has capabilities for displaying and managing geospatial information. Its modular design makes it easily extensible, while client-server architecture facilitates scalability.

Geomajas aims to provide a platform for server-side integration of geospatial data, allowing multiple users to control and manage the data from within their own browsers. It also provides a set of powerful building blocks, from which complex GIS applications can be easily built. Its key features are:
– Integrated client-server architecture,
– Advanced geometry and attribute editing with validation,
– Custom attribute definitions including object relations,
– Advanced querying capabilities (searching, filters, style, etc.).

Source: OSGeo