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OS working on Olympic site map accuracy

UK: To facilitate navigation at Olympic site for spectators, security staff and emergency services and athletes, Ordnance Survey (OS) is improving the accuracy of Olympic site map close to 2.6cm, according to Dave Wareham of OS.

The OS is charged by the UK government with recording every physical element of the UK – and this may be its biggest job yet, observes a BBC report.

Wareham said, “Certain things we already know about on the site – others are vaguer. The main arena, for example – although the outside is built, the shape of the inside is not fully there, so there’s no point us looking at that until it is finished.”

The OS measures the complexity of its job in what it calls “units of change” and has a target of recording 96 percent of all changes made in the country within six months.

But this one, said Mr Wareham, is the most complex in terms of the number and scale of new buildings, roads and other physical elements that are springing up at the Olympic site. The Athletes’ Village alone is 11 blocks containing 3,300 dwellings. That, said the OS, makes it the largest and fastest-built domestic development of the past 40 years.

Source: BBC