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OS to launch Ordnance Survey International

UK: Ordnance Survey (OS) will soon launch a new international service, Ordnance Survey International, to help other countries around the world un-tap the multi-million pound potential of accurate geographic information (GI). It will harness the vast range of skills and expertise within OS to primarily support other national mapping agencies and countries. The aim is to provide expert advice and services across the full spectrum of Ordnance Survey’s expertise, including data collection and maintenance, product development and geospatial data management. The expert advice will enable international customers to develop and enhance their own business requirements and ultimately reap the benefits, which can be delivered through the efficient management of accurate, maintained GI.

Ordnance Survey International will start in September 2012. The new organisation will be headed by Steven Ramage, former Executive Director at the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), a global body developing open geospatial standards.

Steven said, “Over many years I have watched Ordnance Survey invest in areas, such as open standards, closed and open source software, open data, linked data, geospatial database and data management systems, as well as working collaboratively with partners and the wider industry. With Ordnance Survey International there is a huge opportunity for us to share this expertise and know-how with the global community, and be the ‘go to’ international mapping agency for advice and assistance on geospatial policy, strategy and technology topics.”

Business Secretary Vince Cable said, “Ordnance Survey has a reputation as a world leader of geographical information, developed from their strong performance as the national mapping agency for Great Britain. I was particularly impressed with the organisation when I visited them recently and their contribution to supporting economic growth.

“Ordnance Survey has a well defined strategy in providing their customers with accurate and efficient services, and a strong track record of working collaboratively with partners. This has continued with the development of the Public Data Group, and an international service was the obvious next step. The move to provide specialist services internationally supports the wider government drive to promote the expertise of the UK overseas. I look forward to seeing their knowledge being put to good use around the world and furthering the reputation of British business abroad.”

Dr Vanessa Lawrence CB, Director General and Chief Executive at Ordnance Survey added, “Ordnance Survey has a depth and breadth of experience and knowledge and is internationally respected for providing Great Britain with one of the most accurate geographic frameworks of any country in the world.”

“For some time we have been approached by other national mapping agencies to provide guidance and share our world renowned expertise. Following encouragement by Ministers to export our skills we have set up Ordnance Survey International so we can now work with overseas customers who wish to seek our assistance,” she said.

Source: OS