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Ordnance Survey releases open dataset and free map of Britain’s greenspaces

The UK government releases a new database and interactive digital map delivered by Ordnance Survey (OS) to make it easy for people to locate and access greenspaces.

UK: To make it easier for people to locate and access greenspaces, the UK government has released a new database and interactive digital map that identifies accessible recreational and leisure greenspace in Great Britain. Delivered by Ordnance Survey (OS), the map is available for free and contains the data from OS and other sources. This is achieved by OS Maps’ popular leisure mapping app and online service.

This comprehensive map of Great Britain’s greenspaces is also available as an open dataset, called OS Open Greenspace, for communities, businesses and developers to create products and services that will encourage healthier and greener lifestyles.

Ordnance Survey CEO, Nigel Clifford, says: “Geospatial data can transform Governments, businesses and communities for the better. We see that through our work in Great Britain and internationally, and we’re excited to be one of those at the forefront leading this and making contributions of consequence and benefit.

“I’m particularly proud of this product as it delivers valuable information to the public, via OS Maps, enabling people and families across Great Britain to discover the greenspaces near them. In addition to this, we’re also releasing OS Open Greenspace, providing a freely available dataset for anyone to access. I am excited to see how people experiment and work with the data and look forward to seeing new products and services to help encourage an active Great Britain.”

Since the greenspace map was reaffirmed as a commitment in 2015, OS has worked in collaboration with a large number of non-government organizations and government partners to compile the OS Open Greenspace dataset and digital map. Accurately depicted within the dataset is the location and extent of recreational and leisure features and, for larger sites, their access points. Example features included in the data is every public park in Great Britain, every play space, playing field, golf course, public garden, bowling green, allotment and more.

The dataset can be viewed via OS Maps www.osmaps.uk/greenspace.

Universities and Science Minister Jo Johnson said: “Greenspaces are a vital part of our landscape and this new database and online map will make it easier for people across the country to access greenspaces and lead healthier lives. With the completion of this mapping project, we have delivered on an important commitment and shown yet again how innovation can improve everyday lives.”

OS has also produced OS MasterMap (OSMM) Greenspace, a public-sector version of the greenspace map made available through the public-sector Mapping agreement and one Scotland mapping agreement. Aimed at giving the public sector accurate and up-to-date geospatial data to improve planning, analysis and decision making, OSMM Greenspace contains the location of all publicly accessible and non-accessible greenspaces.