OS MasterMap online for UK education institutes

OS MasterMap online for UK education institutes


Southampton, UK, September 19, 2007: Students, staff and researchers at universities and further education colleges across Britain will now have online access to the country’s most advanced digital mapping from this month.

Ordnance Survey’s seamless representation of the detailed geography of Britain, OS MasterMap, is available to support learning and teaching at all institutions subscribing to the Digimap Ordnance Survey Collection service. The new information available through Digimap comes from the OS MasterMap Topography and Integrated Transport Network (ITN) Layers. The topographic data shows the position and extent of around half a billion features on the landscape.

Users can visualise the most up-to-date context of buildings, land, water, roads and even non-physical features such as administrative boundaries. Each feature has a unique identifier known as a TOID, which makes it easy to link and associate different kinds of data to a specific geographic point. This is ideal for managing information in a database environment.

“Direct access to OS MasterMap opens enormous opportunities for learning and teaching in all disciplines,” says Vanessa Lawrence, Ordnance Survey’s Director General and Chief Executive. “OS MasterMap is a continually updated comprehensive geographic framework relied on for all kinds of government and business decision making. Now we can extend its benefits into higher and further education for research, analysis, reports and presentations.”