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“OS MasterMap” nominated as the high-profile Product of the Year

Just a year after launch, its groundbreaking digital data and online service, OS MasterMap has been featured as a nominee in the high-profile Product of the Year category.

OS MasterMap is the most flexible and intelligent data Ordnance Survey has yet produced. It enables businesses and public bodies to manage information more quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Ordnance Survey has been also featured as sponsor of the category for Geographic Information Systems. Director General and Chief Executive, Vanessa Lawrence was on hand to present the award to the MAGIC countryside information project, commissioned by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA).

James Brayshaw, Ordnance Survey’s Managing Director of Digital Brands, said: “Our presence at these awards demonstrates our commitment to providing businesses and application providers with the geographic intelligence they need to operate their information management systems efficiently. The intelligent use of digital geographic data has the potential to touch every aspect of business in all market sectors, and can offer significant competitive advantage.”