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OS adds four new products to its open data portfolio

UK, March 24, 2015: Ordnance Survey (OS) has added four new products in its open data portfolio. These are OS Open Map – Local, OS Open Names, OS Open Rivers and OS Open Roads. With the addition, Ordnance Survey’s OpenData product catalogue now includes sixteen products. These products are fully customisable and can work together or be imported and integrated with the users own software and database.

OS Open Map -Local provides a customisable backdrop for users to map, visualise and fully understand their data. This new product provides the most detailed level of buildings in OS’s open data suite and is designed to be used with other open data products.

OS Open Names is a location search product. OS claims that it’s a new, better quality and consistent index for all the location names in Great Britain. Users can search a particular location or look for a location in a number of ways to an accuracy of within 1 metre.

OS Open Rivers is a generalised open water network showing the flow and the locations of rivers, streams, lakes and canals across the whole of Great Britain.

OS Open Roads is a connected road network for Great Britain. It contains all classified roads (such as motorways and A & B roads) as well as officially named unclassified roads.

Source: Ordnance Survey