Home News Orrissa Govt orders GPS monitoring of water supplying trucks

Orrissa Govt orders GPS monitoring of water supplying trucks

India: The water supply and distribution department of Balangir town of Bhubaneswar, Orrissa, will be under GPS surveillance from the first week of April. The surveillance will monitor the movements of water tankers to keep the scope for laxity at bay. The decision was taken in a meeting between Housing and Urban Development Minister, Pushpendra Singh Deo and Bolangir MP Kalikesh Singh Deo and RS MP AU Singh Deo on Mar 31.

The MPs discussed the problem of water scarcity with Minister and requested for better water supply provision for Bolangir town. It was informed in the meeting that 146 PVC tanks and 41 RCC tanks have been installed at different scarcity points of the town. 26 water tankers are filling up these storage tanks every day. The MPs were assured that more number of RCC tanks and 50 more tube wells will be installed soon. The control rooms have been activated for effective monitoring of water supply. Mobile teams have been set up for immediate repairing of hand pumps.

The Tarava Water Supply Project will be completed in a few months and will be commissioned by September this year, the Minister assured. This will solve the water problem in Balangir town to a great extent.

Source: Pioneer