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Orissa Shoreline Change Atlas released

Kendrapara, India: Shoreline Change Assessment Atlas of Orissa and a report on Shoreline Change were released by Jairam Ramesh, Minister of Environment & Forests, Government of India. With the release of Atlas, Orissa became the third state in India to have a detailed Shoreline Change Assessment Atlas. Institute of Ocean Management (IOM), Anna University, Chennai is preparing the shoreline map of the entire country.

The Atlas indicates the accretion and erosion status of Orissa coast. The primary goal of this shoreline study is to develop standardised methods for mapping and analysing shoreline movement so that internally consistent updates can periodically be made to record shoreline erosion and accretion.

Overall statistics indicate that the coast of Orissa is largely accreting (46.8 percent) and 14.4 percent is stable. Erosion (High, medium and low) accounts for 36.8 percent of the coast out of 480kms of coast 8.2 percent is undergoing high erosion.

Source: orissadiary.com