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Orion Technology has recently announced that the upcoming release of Orion’s web-GIS software OnPoint, codenamed NG, is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of 2005. Orion Technology, based in Canada, is a technology consulting and services integration company, specializing in web-GIS. OnPoint NG will seamlessly integrate data from ArcIMS, Virtual Earth, Google Earth, Google Maps, MapPoint, ArcGIS Server, OGC, Pictometry and Oracle Spatial and link that geographic data to multiple business systems’ databases.

In addition to the Cascading Map Service, OnPoint NG delivers on-the-fly-projection and advanced search functionality that goes beyond a traditional GIS search. OnPoint NG integrates seamlessly with your corporate web-identity through a custom user interface and allows the user to embed non-GIS searches in their website with corresponding maps. Developers can create their own web applications by exposing OnPoint NG’s core functionality as web services and using OnPoint as a back-end.

OnPoint’s new and improved Administration/Publication tool enables one to dynamically create and publish web service methods adding security as desired to control access without any programming. It also allows editing of spatial and attribute data together, and to edit any OGC WFS compliant data sources including ESRI shapefiles, ArcSDE layers and Oracle Spatial layers, providing advanced editing functionality such as COGO and snapping, and enabling authorized users to edit data stored in external business systems. It also allows link of data outside the traditional GIS database in real time to one’s GIS data, dynamically creating thematic maps.